CO Founder

Jonathan Kendrick

Jonathan Kendrick, co-founder, Chairman of the ROK Group of companies, a leading mobile technology, applications and services company and new-business incubator, is a highly successful serial entrepreneur. Jonathan began his business career through securing the European rights to then-unknown Yokohama tyres brand (which, having successfully brought to market, he sold back to Yokohama). Recognizing, early on, the enormous potential of the mobile industry, Jonathan founded the first incarnation of ROK to create the technology to simplify the process of pre-paid vouchers for mobile phones. Jonathan sold ROK’s electronic voucher technology to a leading mobile industry player in 2002 whilst retaining the ROK brand – which he re-launched with Co Founder with John Paul DeJoria. ROK has pioneered many new technologies in the rapidly-evolving mobile phone space which it licenses to Mobile Operators and Handset Manufacturers worldwide, including high quality Mobile TV which can be streamed, live and on-demand, over mass-market 2.5G as well as 3G and Wi-Fi.




Jason is the creator and brainchild behind the SNOOKER LEGENDS brand and first met JK in 2013 when ROKSTARS sponsored the comeback of Ronnie O’Sullivan. Jason brokered the deal having worked closely with Ronnie for many years. This initial association led onto ROKSTARS sponsoring the SNOOKER LEGENDS CUP which was broadcast on Eurosport to 12 million in 20 countries giving huge brand exposure for ROK Brands OVAL VODKA and ABK Beer. Jason’s background is in children’s theatre and for 16 years he formed and grew PREMIER STAGE PRODUCTIONS LTD into one of the World’s largest Children’s Theatre companies. JK acquired the Snooker Legends Brand for Events that Rok in September and appointed Jason as his partner and CEO. The vision is to build and expand not only the SNOOKER LEGENDS BRAND but also exploit the synergy within other aspects of the ROK Companies to provide online live streaming through our apps for all events. Jason will continue to manage the Rok relationship with their snooker Ambassadors Jimmy White and Ronnie O’Sullivan and he is also working closely with Jk on a new cue sport game which will over the richest prize ever awarded.

Creative Director

Andy Ray

Vocal coach and artist development specialist Andy Ray has over 11 years experience in the music industry, working with record companies, management companies and agents.
Andy has also lectured voice at several colleges and universities across the UK. In 2001, Andy setup a successful vocal company, making him one of the top vocal coaches and artist development specialists in the midland area. Andy has organized many events both large and small and has many years experience in this field. Andy is now using his expertise solely for Events That ROK and other ROK companies, overseeing and co-ordinating all events and working closely with CEO (Jon Hewston).


Tim Revell

Tim has been working in the technology sector for over 13 years and has an extensive knowledge of programming and information technology. Tim is responsible for research and development of all ROK technology products and heads up the technology development team. He is responsible for all systems, apps, music comics, web development and live streaming on a global basis.

Head of Marketing

Bruce Renny

Bruce is responsible for the planning and implementation of all aspects of the various marketing functions of ROK, to include strategy, content acquisition, design, PR and corporate communications. Bruce has great experience internationally, in numerous fields of marketing to include advertising, media, sports sponsorship, event management and product promotions, having spent 12 years before joining ROK with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. Bruce generated in excess of $100 million revenue in just five years for Virgin’s Lightship Group and has lived and worked in many countries worldwide. Before joining Virgin, Bruce was a British Army officer and tank commander.